365 Day 19 – Skyline

Vancouver skyline as seen from the skytrain...
Vancouver skyline as seen from the skytrain…

Labadee, Haiti

Here are the first of the photos from the Caribbean cruise R., and I just returned from. I really have to thank my bro-in-law Keith for reminding me to put the polarizer on my lens. Because of this the photos you see needed very little retouching. The water and sky really were that intense! (I know I should be severely punished for almost forgetting to use the polarizer, bad, bad photographer!)

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Grand Canyon

Took my first trip to Las Vegas last week. Talk about an attention-seeking Diva of a town! Wow, no subtlety there! But it makes for great photography, no doubt about it. I’ll be posting those later in the week.

Mid-week we took a very long day-trip to the Grand Canyon, and my Canon D50 got quite a workout.  This was extra-special for me because I was weaned on National Geographic, and this trip gave me an opportunity to stretch my landscape skills and challenge my inner National Geographic Roving Photographer! Harsh early afternoon sun, and constantly changing lighting –  thanks to partly cloudy conditions – definitely made it a challenge.

Out of 467 photos I came out with 187 worth keeping, and about 50 favourites. That’s pretty respectable, I think. Naturally I won’t post them all here, this is just a sample. You can see all my favourites by going to the Photo Collection page.