Thursday Challenge: Green

Coconut, Haiti

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Cozumel Reef

While we didn’t get a chance to go snorkeling on our cuise, we did take a semi-sub tour of this reef at Cozumel. A semi-sub is like a glass-bottom boat, except the sides of the boat below deck are windows. I admit I was expecting to see more coral and more wildlife; I suppose I’m spoiled by all the amazing documentaries I watch. Still, I’m glad we went.

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Labadee, Haiti

Here are the first of the photos from the Caribbean cruise R., and I just returned from. I really have to thank my bro-in-law Keith for reminding me to put the polarizer on my lens. Because of this the photos you see needed very little retouching. The water and sky really were that intense! (I know I should be severely punished for almost forgetting to use the polarizer, bad, bad photographer!)

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