365 – Week 15

Even photos taken with an iPhone camera can be fodder for a few creative hours in [insert your photo editing software of choice]. I happen to enjoy Adobe Lightroom.

This week’s theme: Pretty Fishes

These are the three unnamed beauties who live at my workplace. Yes, there are eight photos this week. Call me generous!

KBS Fish_sm 05

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Pigeon Feast

Life got in the way of the 365 project last week. So, as an apology for missing a week, I’m posting these photos taken in February. With any luck the project should be back on track next week.

Pigeon Feast


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Zoo Trip: White Peacock

Well, the Shutterkins finally took a trip to the zoo. It’s been in the works for awhile now but since one of us is temporarily leaving Vancouver we’re feeling very motivated to get some time together with each other and with our cameras (and mascots!).

One of the highlights for me was the appearance of a white peacock in full display.

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Cozumel Reef

While we didn’t get a chance to go snorkeling on our cuise, we did take a semi-sub tour of this reef at Cozumel. A semi-sub is like a glass-bottom boat, except the sides of the boat below deck are windows. I admit I was expecting to see more coral and more wildlife; I suppose I’m spoiled by all the amazing documentaries I watch. Still, I’m glad we went.

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The showgirls aren’t the only ones sporting feathers in Vegas. The Mirage has big cats, and the Flamingo Hotel has…you guessed it…birds!

Sadly the lighting held far too much contrast where the flamingos were hanging out, and the photos weren’t salvageable. But, I did get black swans, some pretty ducks, and a noisy crow who was sizing up the giant koi. I admire the crow’s chutzpah but those fish could have made a snack out of it!

I also heard rumours of penguins at the Flamingo but unfortunately I was unable to locate any. Shame.

Tigers and Lions, and Jaguars, Oh My!

Some shots of the lovely cats who live at the Mirage Hotel, in Vegas. Well, not at the Mirage, per se, wouldn’t that be silly? Just in their own special garden in the lobby. Oh Vegas…

These photos posed the challenge of using focal distance and f-stop settings to minimize the distraction of the wire fencing, except, of course, in two of the lion shots where I wanted to give the sense of nothing between the viewer and the lion except an open fence.

This is the closest I’ve ever been to these cats and I couldn’t get over how large the lions really are. I think the one fella was thinking I’d make a light snack, in all my 4’9″ glory!


The Mirage Hotel, home of Seigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat was the second hotel on our hotel tour of Vegas. Wildlife being my number one obsession, I was hopeful that I’d get a few good photos. I ended up with more than a few, and I’m thrilled.

Here are the favourites of my dolphin shots. Lions, tigers and jaguars, to come…oh my!