One of the realities of being human is that motivation is something we must continually feed if we are to maintain healthy habits.

Yes, I slipped a little off the sugar cleanse and have been yo-yoing between a 2 lbs range for the last 2 weeks or so.

This isn’t tragic, it’s not a 10 lb gain, or a return to the sugar-addiction behaviours that will herald a return to obesity, but it is frustrating and clearly demonstrates how firmly these sugar-laden foods have us in their grip. Just another reminder of how important it is to be careful how we allow children access to these substances in the first place.

In my case I was able to keep sweets under control, but once again allowed carbs – that hidden sugar – to creep back up. Not being a cook, and working an afternoon shift that means I come home with no desire to cook, makes it tough to immerse myself in the healthy cooking behaviours that would truly be my salvation.

And yes, that’s an excuse I have no right to put forward. I know it’s perfectly possible for me to cook healthy meals on my time off, freeze portions, and conveniently eat well.

So, my question to myself has to be “Why?”. Why am I not preparing these meals in advance?

My only answer today is lack of the right motivation.

So, I continue to watch documentaries and read books. I continue to visit the weight loss surgery forums. These things are helpful in keeping the bad behaviours in check. I’ve maintained my weight loss for several years now, and I must stand proud of that. It’s not a small accomplishment. The vast majority of obese people who lose weight gain it back…and more.

I believe that the longer I maintain this loss the better my chances of keeping my obesity in remission.

And that is clearly what people hate to face about obesity. It is a terminal disease with no cure. There is only remission.

I refuse to let this disease get hold again. I will fight it for as long as I live.

Perhaps I can find some motivation there. Making the fight easier by developing the healthy cooking habits I need.

‘Food’ for thought!


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