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When I began this blog I had a few ideas of what I wanted to focus on, but my main passion at the time was photography. Over the last few years, blogging took a back seat while I explored an option to do something that has always defined a large core of my personality: helping people.

In 2013 I attended the Rhodes College in Vancouver, BC, and discovered a passion for life coaching. As part of preparing myself to walk the walk I had weight loss surgery during my time at Rhodes, and shed the extra pounds that had plagued me for almost my entire life. By tackling my biggest health issue I was able to create a better life for myself, and for my partner, R. I was able to face the world with greater confidence.

As I became more physically active I began the spend far less time at a computer, and this blog began to grow virtual-dust.

Time to resuscitate As I See It, and give it new life.

There will be multiple focuses to this site from here on, a mixture of photography and life coaching, with a sprinkle of  the odd side dish surprise.

Please check in often!


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