365 – Week 16

This week I played with my Pentax waterproof point and shoot. It seemed appropriate to do an ocean theme since I bought it for my first snorkeling adventure in Mexico. Since there was no opportunity to go snorkeling in Vancouver this week, I settled for some shots of sea shells and sea stars. Then I decided to do some black and white work. Working in black and white is a fascinating process. You have no idea how many varied effects you can get from one photo until you start playing with contrast and filters.

sea stars bw_sm 01


sea stars bw_sm 02

big conch bw_sm 01

big conch bw_sm 02

big conch bw_sm 03

sea snail bw_sm 01

sea snail bw_sm 03


3 thoughts on “365 – Week 16

    • Thanks, so much R. I do need to experiment more in Black and White. As you say expressing the subject through light and shadow is the core essence of photography. 🙂

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