Spiders and Iconic Shots

I suffer from arachnophobia so naturally it takes a ridiculous amount of courage for me to take photos of spiders. Even looking at a photo of a spider makes me extremely uncomfortable. But as a photographer I’m obsessed with getting that great spider-in-web shot.

It’s one of those classic photos that every photographer feels driven to tick off their photos-I-want-to-take list.

Like the iconic train track shot, the dandelion in seed macro, and the bird in flight, certain shots are like paying our dues in the world of photography. Of course there are also the city night lights and the sunset over the ocean captures as well. The list goes on and on, and drives us to learn. It’s as though there is some esoteric photography course with no written curriculum or official enrollment documents, but seems universal.

So, what happens when I take spider photos? My analytic mind is focusing on the exposure, my creative mind is busy with composition, and my reptilian mind is ramping up the adrenaline, preparing for escape. If the spider moves I usually let out a scream and jump back about 6 feet.

Ridiculous but true.

But here’s the pay off…

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