Zoo Trip: White Peacock

Well, the Shutterkins finally took a trip to the zoo. It’s been in the works for awhile now but since one of us is temporarily leaving Vancouver we’re feeling very motivated to get some time together with each other and with our cameras (and mascots!).

One of the highlights for me was the appearance of a white peacock in full display.

Sadly, it appears my ISO was set too high, although I am not sure how it happened. It’s a very annoying thing, because ISO is one of the those things that can really ruin a photo, and it’s one of the few things that isn’t easy to fix in post-processing.  However it wasn’t a total loss and I did get a few photos I like.

Peacock in noble profile.
It reminds me of an elaborate train in a royal wedding dress.
In full display.
Ready for his close-up.
In this photo I used a Lightroom wedding preset in post-processing to add drama.

6 thoughts on “Zoo Trip: White Peacock

  1. Lovely photos as usual, ISO difficulties notwithstanding. The one at the bottom is by far the most dramatic. B.C. Hydro may want to have a talk with the bird. His rear end is positively glowing.

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