Cozumel Reef

While we didn’t get a chance to go snorkeling on our cuise, we did take a semi-sub tour of this reef at Cozumel. A semi-sub is like a glass-bottom boat, except the sides of the boat below deck are windows. I admit I was expecting to see more coral and more wildlife; I suppose I’m spoiled by all the amazing documentaries I watch. Still, I’m glad we went.

Taking photos through glass – especially of an underwater environment – is not an easy thing. Thankfully the post-processing tricks I learned in my photography course really helped save these memories. Without the professional lighting divers utilize while taking photos and making documentaries everything had a very blue cast. In fact, until I corrected the white balance in Lightroom, even I had no idea what colors the fish were!

They certainly aren’t the best photos I’ve taken but a few of them I really love. And they’ll serve well as wonderful reminders of our trip.

(Please keep in mind that these made-for-the-web versions are not as high quality as the original files.)



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