Labadee, Haiti

Here are the first of the photos from the Caribbean cruise R., and I just returned from. I really have to thank my bro-in-law Keith for reminding me to put the polarizer on my lens. Because of this the photos you see needed very little retouching. The water and sky really were that intense! (I know I should be severely punished for almost forgetting to use the polarizer, bad, bad photographer!)

These photos were taken in Labadee, Haiti, a private island used by the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. It wasn’t really the part of Haiti I would have liked to see, but cruises are really just tourist jaunts, and you shouldn’t expect to  feel as though you’ve truly experienced any of the countries you visit.

I was completely taken with the different shades of blue I saw on our trip. I really didn’t believe the ocean came in those amazing shades. I saw blues I never thought occurred naturally!

We brought back colds, as do a lot of people, it seems. I think it’s the constant change of temperatures as you go from hot tropical sun into air-conditioned spaces throughout the day. Luckily the colds struck us on the day we travelled home, so it didn’t impact our trip.

At any rate, we enjoyed our first cruise, and although I’m not sure I’d do another, we loved the ship, being pampered by the staff, and spending time with my family.

Here’s a taste of Haiti.


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