A Little Hipstamatic Texture

As I’ve no doubt noted before, I’m a fanatic for the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. It’s creative and addictive, and since I always have my phone handy, it’s at my fingertips, come rain or shine. It’s a rewarding way to pass the time when I’m waiting somewhere or just walking along.

One thing the app does extremely well, is capture texture. Its tendency to high contrast and over-saturation of colours enhances even the most mundane objects. So, as I strolled down South Granville street today I took an opportunity to capture some of the rich texture in the older buildings, and I’m really pleased with the results.

Hipstamatic has also introduced a Salvador Dali lens that adds some pretty neat distortion effects which adds another whole layer of texture to the shots. Kudos to them for such an entertaining and artistic addition to the Hipstamatic arsenal. It was well worth the $.99 in-app purchase price!! Lotta bang for a buck!!

Here are some of today’s shots:



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