Revisiting NYC 2007

I’ve been having a wonderful visit down memory lane re-processing my photos from my 2nd New York visit in 2007.

This was partially inspired by an article in Photolife magazine, a magazine that R., so thoughtfully gifted me with a subscription. In essence the author of the article questions whether we are ever finished with our photos, or whether they can be a continual source of inspiration as we look at them with a fresh – and more experienced – eye over time.

As a writer I’m not new to that philosophy that our creations are always in process, that’s the nature of creativity. But it was nice to get permission to go back and play with some of my favourite images.

My beloved little Vivitar point-and-shoot was a valiant low end camera that worked its heart out for me. As I re-work these shots with a little help from Lightroom3 (and my photography class knowledge) it’s like they’ve been reborn into the images my little camera so wanted to give me but lacked the technology.

In a way doing this is an homage to that camera, and a point of pride that even with limited equipment I was able to capture some incredible souvenirs of a holiday I’ll never forget. I know that many of these will remain some of my most prized photos.

Are they perfect? Heavens, no!! Are they special? Well, they are to me. And that’s why I’m sharing them here.


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