The Venetian Hotel

One of the highlights of  my Vegas trip was the Venetian Hotel. I’d recently enjoyed a documentary on the engineering and design marvel that is this, over-the-top, very Vegas hotel, and really wanted to see it. With its indoor replication of the Grand Canal and the attention to detail of several of the most famous Venice landmarks, it promised to be a photographic gold mine.

It did not disappoint.

The lighting was challenging, especially without a tripod – bad photographer, bad, bad photographer! – and unfortunately I had to resort to a higher ISO than I like. Yes, the result was noise, and lack of really sharp focus, in a lot of the photos. I started off my editing with 460 photos. (My Motto: When in doubt take way, way more than you need!)

This did give me an opportunity to exploit the use of Lightroom 3’s noise reduction option, and after several hours – and several cups of coffee – I was staring at a batch of  138 usable photos.

I’m okay with that.

Out of the 138, I’ve earmarked about 25 as favourites, and came out with several that I suspect will end up being some of my proudest shots.

The Venetian, with its vast Grand Canal mall which includes gondola rides, gave me an opportunity for landscape photography as well as architectural – which is one of my preferred photography genres. Although, since the hotel is not actually landscape, I guess you can say the landscape-style photos are actually architectural in reality. But that’s not really very relevant, is it?

Enjoy this little sample.

2 thoughts on “The Venetian Hotel

  1. WOW! Amazing shots! I especially love the second pic (of the female statue in the fountain). I stayed at the Venetian a few years before I got into photography; I kick myself now for all the opportunities that I missed.

    • Thanks Myra, that one is definitely a favourite. Classic Cindi-style. LOL I just couldn’t stop taking photos, it’s an amazing hotel!

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