2011 – Be Afraid

Goodbye 2010, it was nice knowing you. Hello 2011.

According to strict followers of the Pythagorean style of numerology the year 2011 translates to Universal Year 13.

I’m personally okay with this.

I’ve never suffered from triskaidekaphobia, and besides, who am I to argue with anyone who can even prounounce Pythagorean? However, it does strike me as serendipitous that 2011 should represent something to be afraid of, since I awoke with a rather persistent nagging idea this morning that may, or may not, have been brought on by a rather large drink of raspberry-infused vodka that preceded the death knells of 2010 last night.

The nagging thought was this: 2011 should be a year to do something that frightens me.

And according to those hip and ardent followers of Pythagoras UY13 apparently demands change, progress, and revolution. Which is precisely what I mean by doing what frightens me.

It seems every time I admit to myself that something frightens me (excluding such rational fears as spiders and crocodiles, of course) the Universe steps in and says, Okay missy, like it or not, here it comes. Deal.

And eventually, despite much weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth…and procrastination, I have no choice and said scary thing is forced upon me. This annoying and mind-numbingly repetitiousness process always seems to reap great rewards in the end.

Fancy that!

So, at the wise old age of no-longer-40-something I’ve gotten familiar with the drill, and in an attempt to save myself some exhausting – and no longer adorable – tantrum-time I try to get on board with a brave smile.

So what frightens me?

Other than said spiders, I’m not really sure, but I do have a feeling the answer is waiting for me just beyond the lazy weekend start of January 2011.

So, putting that aside for the moment (Oh Madam Procrastination, I know thee well!), I’ll focus instead on what I can see ahead of me.

I never make resolutions at New Year, as a habit, since they seem to be heart-aches and bitter disappointment waiting to happen, but I do like to have a few goals to focus on, and to daydream about when I’m trying to fall asleep.

And these are a few I see as most relevant at the moment.

  • Continue on with my formal photography studies
  • Finally have my photographs available for sale – both online and locally
  • Get back to doing a 360 photo project, and use this as incentive to get my Canon out at least once a week
  • Posting here at least once a week – which should follow easily once the previous goal is in place

There may be others that pop up but I feel this is a nice coherent set that adds up to helping me attain my general 5 year goal.

But that’s a post for another day.

Happy New Years!

Twilight Jan 1st 2011

2 thoughts on “2011 – Be Afraid

  1. Numbers like horoscopes can be tricky things. Vague and easily re-interpreted lol.
    I can take the numbers 2011 and give two more meanings. 2+0+1+1 = 4. 4 is a very lucky number that often is highly desirable in one’s address and phone number, etc. OR
    2-0-1-1= 0 Nothing. Nothing will happen.
    So I can look on 2011 as being either very lucky or nothing will happen so I don’t need to be afraid. I kinda prefer not being afraid……
    But I do know you have some challenges ahead that will probably be scary for you like putting your photography forward to the general public for purchase. Very scary!
    The one thing you don’t have to be afraid of Cin though is you being alone when you do it. Your friends and family all will be there cheering you on cuz we love you.

    • I agree, these things are all just interpretation. But it’s fun to play with the idea. I guess by ‘afraid’ I really mean ‘challenged by’, and I’ve learned it’s wonderful to face up to the things that challenge us. I feel very supported and encouraged about getting my stuff out there, because even when I think it’s mediocre you, and the rest of my ‘family’, are there to strengthen my confidence. I think this is going to be a good year!

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