Lo-fi Fun

So my intermediate photography course at the college has been a bit of a trial. It’s a condensed semester so the pace was much faster, which, combined with my long work days, made things a little more intense than I tend to like.

But, I did know that going in. So, I’m not going to whine about it.

I didn’t really click with the instructor and didn’t feel all that excited by the course content which seemed to include more review than I feel was necessary.

The assignments were not inspiring, and I did expect there to be more actual shooting than lecture.

Not so.

Ah well, the last assignment and the written test (yes, there actually is one which surprised me!) are this week, and then it’s done. Practical studio lighting is next and it’s very technical and equipment-based. I see it as one last hurdle to jump before I’m free to start in on the more content-interesting courses.

In order to push off the creative slump this class has put me in, I’ve taken to exploring lo-fi photography in an attempt to put the spontaneous joy back into snapping images.

Now, strictly speaking, the iPhone camera doesn’t qualify as a toy camera, but the images it produces are definitely not DSLR quality so I think it’s safe to call them lo-fi images.

Add the Hipstamatic app to the mix and you certainly have that toy camera appeal.

Plus it’s fun!!!

And if you aren’t having fun, why bother?

So here’s one of the first lo-fi images I shot with the Hipstamatic app.


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