Photography: Equipment vs Vision

It’s far more meaningful to let what you create define who you are versus what you own. ~ JMG

One of the sites I visit through my Google reader on a regular basis is Jim Goldstein’s photography blog.

I enjoy his work, and his landscape and travel photos are always appealing to me. His attitude on life is grounded, and his musings on photography are concise.

Landscape is likely one of the least forms of photography I have any experience with. For some reason, its appeal is there, but I’ve yet to explore it.

(And me living in such a gorgeous city, so close to so much natural wonder!! Shame on me!)

I’m not sure why this is. I do know I tend to use my camera like a magnifying glass, and am more inclined to macro and close-ups. But maybe it’s time I start looking for opportunities to open the scope of my work, and to employ a wider view in my vision.

Food for thought.

This quote by Mr. Goldstein is an interesting one taken in context with photography and the obsession most photographers seem to have about the gear we use to capture the image.

It makes you wonder…is it the end results, or the means of achieving it, that matter?

I’ve just discover an amazing photographer who makes cameras with garbage bags, bits of toy cameras, old magnifying glasses and foil. Susan Burnstines’  photos are so haunting and memorable; they have to be seen to be believed.

The series she did reflecting her vivid nightmares as a child likely could not have been accomplished with an expensive camera. For her, the ends was everything and the means was an appropriate decision between high-tech and pure genius creativity.

I’m learning so much about the art of photography – and the soul of photographers – as I get further into my studies, and I have to say it’s a fascinating study. My own desire to reach a point where I can feel I’m creating truly unique images is certainly growing past my early wishes just to capture a pretty picture.

I just hope I’m up to such a daunting task! It should be quite a journey at any point.

(Please check out both the websites I’m mentioned.)


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