Mask Series

Started my Digital Workflow course last night and now I’m in the market for at least one more memory card, and an external hard drive. Who said photography was a cheap hobby? Oh right…Nobody!

Workflow is about the whole process of photography’ from setting up your camera, to the moment you print your hard copy. It deals with organization and processing, from beginning to end. This means utilizing complex programs to edit, name, store and print files. One of our first assignments is to take four photos that will deliver 4 distinct histograms: High Key (mostly toward the white end of the scale), Low Key (black), High Contrast and Low Contrast.

(Histograms are the graphs that are generated by digital cameras in response to the exposure of the photo. I won’t go into more depth here, but they are a very important tool photographers use to achieve the results they want.)

The idea of focusing on such extreme lights and darks got me thinking about a series I wanted to do using fancy dress/Mardi Gras masks, so I went down to our local costume/party/sewing/notions store – doesn’t every city have one of these? – and spent about $12 dollars on some fun props.

I’ll be working on the concept for the next while, but in the meantime, here’s a taste of things to come:

A 'low key' (dark-oriented) photo of two masks.

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