Putting It On Canvas

In the hopes of finding an interesting way to presents my photos, and perhaps sell them, I decided to attempt the acrylic gel method of transferring an image onto canvas. Now, I’m really bad at crafts, they never turn out the way I envision them, but the prospect of being able to do this myself for about $5 vs. having it done at a framing store for $40+, I thought I’d give it a try.

My first attempt – Photo and canvas are coated with acrylic, then photo is placed face down. After drying, the paper backing is peeled away. The holes in the lower right corner are where I learned that letting it dry a good long time is the answer. 1st mistake…being too anxious.

I decided to stop and let it cure for a day.

Things were looking up. After I let it cure a day the paper peeled away nicely leaving the photo. Then…I decided to get the damp leftover paper pills off by blow-drying the canvas. guess what? Dryers are NOT our friend when it comes to acrylics!! Sad faded peacock.

Attempt number 2. Photo is a little crooked, and I’m still losing a bit of photo in areas. I’m not sure if my application technique is to blame for the holes or not. Too much acrylic, too little? Is there a better way to remove the paper?

At last all the paper is peeled off. What a messy procedure.

Seems the blow dryer wasn’t the culprit. Or at least not the full culprit. This is the sad final result:

Is it my technique? The wrong type of paper? I’ll be looking for answers. I really want to be able to do this. ::sigh::


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