New Camera Bag

So, I’m really, really bored of plain black camera bags with logos on them that scream Expensive Camera…Steal Me! I know that some of these are very handy for travelling, and true, they are the best way to pack your equipment safely.

However, when you live in the city and you head out for a short photowalk, or you just want to have your camera handy when you meet up with friends for lunch, a girl needs something a little more discreet. A shoulder bag that you can reach into and pull the camera out quickly. (In photography timing is everything!)

I’ve only found two bags that cater to this idea…which astonishes me, because I know there’s a market for anything related to photography. People who are camera crazy spend money on equipment, make no doubt about it.

One is the SLR Sloop bag on Photojojo but at $150 USD I think it’s overpriced. The other is at and while I like it, and the price is far better at $79 USD, it’s not a shoulder bag, and it’s a bit matronly.

So, today I spotted a cute, fun little slouch bag and decided I’d try to make my own. Right now it’s just padded with soft material, and few of those velcro foam dividers you get with camera bags, but I’m hoping to find a way to customize it a little better. Just wish I knew someone who could sew.

At any rate I’m going to give it a little try first, and see if it’s worth altering. My new camera packs a healthy weight, and I want to be sure I’ll be comfortable using this bag instead of the easy carry camera backpack I’ve been using, which is great for comfort but lousy in terms of speedy handling.


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