One of the photography sites I never miss is Light Stalking. Not only do they post a lot of short easy, how-to articles, but they also post compilations of such things as great sunsets, unusual beach shots, etc. Wonderful and quick inspiration for a growing photographer.

I really like their Seven Photographers You’ll Probably Hear About In The Future article, as I’m learning that the more I look at what other photographers are doing the more I expand my own ideas. Since these are up-and-coming artists they tend to have a fresh style, and that opens me to new visual opportunities.

I’ve yet to develop a personal style, per se, although I do notice I tend towards simple, tight composition. The more I explore what others are shooting the more it opens my eyes to shots I’d miss taking myself. It’s important to me to break out of my box, and move from being someone who can take a great photograph to someone who makes great photographs.

I think the first step is learning to see a great photograph, and recognize what makes it great. Looking at compilations like those offered on sites like Light Stalking helps me do that.


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