The Perfect Image?

I came across this article Embracing The Imperfect Image on photographer Jim M. Goldstein‘s blog and found it very interesting.

As I’ve learned more and more about the rules of composition and perfect exposure I’ve begun looking at all photography with a much more critical eye. While there’s no surprise in this – it’s just a natural part of the learning experience – what had begun to trouble me was how often I fell in love with a photo by a well regarded photographer, and then noted how it strayed from the rules.

More and more I see wonderful photos like this and I think…heck, I would have thrown that photo away had I taken it.

Overexposed, slightly out of focus, an awkward angle…you name it. I’ve seen these photos in the galleries of professional and gifted photographers. I’ve seen them posted on Flickr by young, novice photographers who couldn’t give a fig about following rules.

Quite likely I’ve thrown away a lot of really interesting creative images already. All because I haven’t yet developed an eye for the imperfect photo, when it comes to my own work.

Trust me, I’ll be keeping my eye out for now on!! It’s time to cultivate the beautifully perfect, imperfect photo!


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