Roland Theys – Photographer/Artist

I wanted to share this link with you, partly because Roland Theys was nice enough to comment on my blog, but mainly because, once I saw his work, I was very impressed.

So far I’ve been mainly focused on photography in…hmmm…let’s call it its vanilla form. By this, I mean purely what I can capture with the camera and very little creative alterations. I’ve had fun toying with the odd photo, usually one I like but was badly exposed or otherwise just didn’t make it on its own, but mainly I wanted to be able to capture and share the photo out of camera.

I think this is a smart move on my part, since I believe that there is a real place and a time for Photoshop and creative effects, but if I am to call myself a photographer I should be confident in my skill to use the camera and capture photographs. Period.

The rest would follow.

Most anyone can take a bad photo and manipulate it into something passable. Roland’s work is a great example of what happens when you take a really good photograph and use it as a spring board to something else. Something even more expressive maybe. Something definitely more individualistic.

As I grow in my confidence to master light, composition and camera equipment, I look forward to being able to take my really good photos and make them into something new. I’m eager to play with colours and effects, and use framing ideas such as printing on canvas and adding multimedia facets to the piece.

But for now, I ‘m going to focus on mastering the light, the way a truly dedicated photographer has to do.

In the meantime artists like Roland continue to excite me with the possibilities of what my future as a photographer, and multimedia artist might hold.

Check Out Roland’s Site Here!


5 thoughts on “Roland Theys – Photographer/Artist

  1. Hello Cindi,

    I make searchs for my name on the Net and I fall on this article, really surprised and really happy that you devote an article on me and you are right, large mercy, my sincere friendships, Roland Theys

    To afflict for my bad English.

    • You’re very welcome. And don’t worry about your English, your photos communicate beautifully in all languages.

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