Oh Canada!

The Olympics are over but people are reluctant to let go. Something very powerful has happened in our collective Canadian consciousness, and we are not the same.

Perhaps it’s ironic, but the slogan for the games was Believe, and it seems Canada has finally come to believe in itself. In John Furlong’s closing ceremony speech he talks about comparing ‘the Canada that ‘was’ to the Canada that now is’.There were great cheers across Canada, because he gave voice to something we were only beginning to suspect. We have been forever changed, as a country, and many of us as individuals.

Who knew a sporting event could do such a thing? Who even dared to believe that these games would go beyond successful to legendary. For legendary they most certainly will be.

I truly believe that Canadians have been truly touched by these games, and it will really be interesting to see if this new sense of self can remain and mature as times goes on. In the meantime, those of us in Vancouver are beginning to mourn, just a bit. We’ve seen how amazing a city we can be, and we don’t want to lose that sense of joy and pride.

And maybe we don’t have to…not if we continue to believe.


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