Photography Class Update

If you’ve been dropping into my blog in the last few weeks you’ll have already figured out that the photography class has been very helpful so far. Someone on Shuttercal commented that it sounded fun, and this was my response:

We haven’t gotten to the really fun stuff, yet. 30 people crammed into a small hot studio shooting plastic flowers and toy cars is not “fun” per se…LOL  However, applying it outside of class has been GREAT!! I’m loving it.

This really is the case. I haven’t had any of the frustration – so far – that I experienced when trying to teach myself about f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO. I began to get very discouraged about having spent so much money on a camera I was not utilizing to its fullest. (Or near fullest, even!)

Last week’s class was not glamorous, but it was a solid technical exercise that has really cemented the concepts of exposure, and, with any luck, this is just the first of many steep learning curves.

I love learning curves!!

I’m now eager to take a trip to the nearest thrift store to look for things like marbles, beat-up toys, interesting bits of old glass and ceramics, and material with great back-drop potential. There are so many intriguing knick-knacks to be photographed just sitting around such places. And browsing through other people’s Shuttercal collections is very inspiring.

The fun is just beginning!!

Oh, and note to a little wandering pixie: I started shooting in RAW format today. Wheeee!


2 thoughts on “Photography Class Update

    • Bought an 8-gig card. LOL By the way, my FastStone free viewer program opens RAW and converts it to jpeg nicely. I love that I didn’t need a second step in the process. But will look into the program you mentioned.

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