Open Letter Regarding Street Photographs

To the lovely person who sent me a comment demanding to know if I was just exploiting people by taking their photos or whether I had permission from every person I photograph on the street I refer you – and anyone else who feels its their holy vocation to be my conscience – to this page:

Canadian Laws as Pertains to Photography posted on

(I think it says it all.)

Thanks for commenting, but I believe I shall decline to approve your comment.


2 thoughts on “Open Letter Regarding Street Photographs

  1. I of course love your photography and your blog Cindi, but that’s beside the point. 🙂

    We actually discussed this issue in one of my sociology classes. There’s a guy in the US who calls himself the “Video Vigilante”; he goes around photographing and videotaping johns who pick up prostitutes. He posts the stuff online, ostensibly to shame the johns. We discussed how he managed to get away with this with all the privacy laws in place.

    My understanding is that you only need a model release if you’re going to profit financially off the photo. Is that correct? Really, if we needed model releases for every photo taken with a person in it, we’d all have to stick to food photography!! Or flowers…I like flowers.

    • Well, more to do with public spaces and expectation of privacy than whether you profit from a photo. What we do in a public venue is public.

      It’s such a grey area, really, but photographers like Fred Herzog have been doing street photography and selling their images for decades without model releases. Unless defamation of character can be argued against a photographer it’s unlikely they would be prosecuted in the event that someone took objection.

      Thanks for the compliment, when are you going to start a photoblog??? LOL

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