I enjoy doing photomemes, as they push me to do deliberate photography. I tend to wander with my camera, and take shots as they appear to me. Sometimes I go somewhere deliberately to focus on a specific type of photo, like a garden or the aquarium, but usually my photography is not deliberate or premeditated. If you do them in a disciplined way – taking a photo after you know the theme, as opposed to searching through your archives for a photo that fits – photomemes can be wonderfully challenging.

This photo was submitted for a meme, whose theme was Competitive. Expressing/Evoking emotion through a photo is the sign of a gifted photographer. I’m not really sure this photo gets the emotion across, although the two men are definitely competing. I think, that as much as I like this photo as a street shot, it almost focuses more on the gentleman who is watching, and so I fall short of the goal of expressing competitiveness. I didn’t really go out and deliberating try to express it, and that’s part of why it just doesn’t work.

I admit I often search my archives for a photo to suit a meme, but I know it’s the lazy way out for me, and that I cheat myself. I wondering if having a photo-buddy would work, much like a work-out buddy does, and would help me to push myself a little harder.

Food for thought?

(This photo is part of a series of street photography I’m working on that will capture the many types of people you see in the streets of Vancouver, BC.)


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