Iced Blossom

Iced Flower
Iced Blossom

Last year we had an unusually snowy winter in mild Vancouver. I caught this blooming rhodo frozen in its bud state. I like this photo because it captures so completely an unexpected contrast between seasons. In critiquing it I would say that the subject matter was a wise choice, but capturing the ice – in terms of exposure – was beyond my ability.

Exposure is something I particularly look forward to mastering. Understanding exposure frees you up in terms of creativity, and in relation to having the finished image you envisioned. In many ways I think it’s the ability to correctly expose a photo that separates passable photographers from great ones.

Sure, photo processing can correct many exposure flaws but, to my mind, knowing how to do it right in the first place is the mark of a professional. Post-Processing should be part of the creative process toward the final image but not a crutch.


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