The Next Step…

Well, the next step, as I see it, is to take my photography to a new level.

Two years ago, when I starting researching new career directions, I considered my options around making photography my work. I looked into working for portrait studios, but wasn’t sure that was exactly the way I wanted to go. The optician course made a lot of financial sense and offered me a career that had some flexibility and stability. In the end I decided photography as a full-time career just wouldn’t give me the security I need.

I loved going back to college, and had a feeling right from the beginning that I’d be doing more of the formal school thing. Part of me was really torn about having to turn my back on the Langara College photography program, which sounds very in-depth and offers free lifetime learning after completion of the Photography Certificate. R. and I agreed that the program would be an option for a later date.

After talking today with my friend, the wandering pixie, things just clicked for me. Knowing she is planning to enroll in the program on a continuing education basis fired me up. No reason to delay. I went right home and pulled up the website.

Tomorrow I’m calling the college and putting my registration into motion.

It’ll take a few years to work through the program doing it this way, but who cares? It’s not the destination in this case that really matters at all. It truly is the journey. This is all about having a long-term goal with short term pay-offs. It’ll help me put my photography into a nice place of priority, and will give me the confidence to consider more public options around my work.

I’ve also decided that I need to re-visit the 365 project. I’ve found that I’m no longer making sure I have my camera with me at all times. I’ve fallen back on my iPhone camera on occasion, which has its own fun, and uniquely creative angle, but I’m not happy with how many opportunities slip away when I don’t have my camera on hand.

However, this time my 365 intent will not be strictly a take a photo a day project. Instead I’d like  to elevate it to a combination of posting either a photo I took that day, or one from the vaults. The idea this time will be to view it with a critiquing eye. I will be doing this here on my main blog. I’d like to leave the 365 site as it is. I may wish to revive it at some point.

So, stay tuned for more frequent posting!!

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