College Update

Two weeks away from finishing my college requirements to become a licensed dispensing optician. It’s been a crazy 9 months, and I’m only now starting to feel like my old self…a bit, anyway.

I managed to achieve nothing below an A-, resulting in my making the Dean’s List, and the Honour Roll. I was pretty broken up over the A-, but I’m admitting to it here so I can purge the silly sense of disappointment that still lingers over that mark. I made some careless mistakes, and I’ll have to forgive myself for it. Seriously…I’ve been a fiend about my marks, and I owe those who had to encourage me to see reason many hugs for their patience.

I won 2 bursaries, and the Iris Award (for ‘displaying passion, and a pursuit of excellence, in the field of opticianry…no less). I’m starting to feel a bit proud of myself, although I think R. is far prouder of me than I am. Well, R., my family, and all my amazing friends!! I absolutely could not have done this without them. They’ve given me a whole new future with their support and patience.

My practicum placement has been tough and wonderful. I definitely picked a place where I could learn a wide variety of practical skills to balance out the theory. My preceptor is a craftsman, and someone I can truly look up to in terms of ethics and skills. It’s been like taking on 3 new jobs, medical office assistant, retail clerk, and optician…all at once.

No wonder I felt brain-dead when I came home from work the first few weeks.

I’ll be able to take my board exams in October when the NACOR people get around to BC to test and license. Meanwhile I’ll be able to work as a “student optician”. Anyone hearing of job openings in the field please be kind enough to pas the info on to me. I’ve been told there is work out there, and I trust I’ll be able to move into a work situation pretty quickly.

Think good thoughts!


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