Thursday Challenge: Building

First Nations Longhouse At UBC Museum Of Anthropology

You can play along at Thursday Challenge.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Building

  1. Very nice tourist attraction. Not much left of original ones, I presume. Interesting piece of history, never the less. And nice informative photo. Thank you for sharing this. Happy TC!

  2. Christy: Thanks.

    Prkl: At one time the Museum of Anthropology used this building to hold informative lectures and demonstrations of West Coast First Nations culture. I’m happy to say it was more than a tourist attraction. 🙂 I’m not sure they still do that but it makes a wonderful photo op at any rate.

    The UBC endowment lands are (partially or totally – not sure) on Musquem land. I think, if I remember correctly, the longhouse and totems are Haida.

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