William Neill

I’ve just come across an amazing photographer who’s meditative, non-literal photos are truly a new way to express a love of nature without being stuck in the National Geographic mode. William Neill‘s By Nature’s Design series is a breath of fresh mountain, forest and sea air!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could spend days and weeks and months lost in a stack of  National Geographics. I’ve always been addicted to the world-changing imagery and the sense of discovery they’re committed to. One of my goals as a developing photographer is to produce images that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of their magazine. On my trip to the Everglades I feel I’ve closer to that goal than ever before with several of my photos. (I’ve held off posting those particular photos online as I have plans for them. ::grin::)

Kudos to NG aside, when I came across William Neill‘s photos I felt like a child discovering crayons and fingerpaint for the first time. I wanted to explore texture, colour and shapes; I wanted to burst forth into a little dance of sheer child-like creative joy.

It’s important to me, if I am going to continue my affinity for photography, that I break free of my tendency to go for literal translations of what I see around me. In many ways I am still a writer trying to describe what I see. This limits my ability to project, through the medium of sight, what I feel.

In writing we preach: Don’t tell, show! Neill‘s photos are screaming to me: Don’t see, feel!

Let’s see if this mile-mannered disciple of the digital arts can learn that lesson.

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