The Everglades

Approximately 40 years ago I saw a documentary on the Florida Everglades and told my parents I wanted to go there. Well, thanks to R., today was the day.

It was a photographer’s dream. Imagine wide expanses of water and sawgrass, bird and alligator sightings, and a reptile conservation area where you can get up close and truly personal with some intriquing species. Perfect for an animal lover like myself. And all this was just icing on the cake, as I’ve had a wonderful time here photographing the majestic palm trees that tower over Ft. Lauderdale. Not a shabby way to celebrate turning 50, trust me!

Tomorrow we fly home; I’m sorry to leave but excited to begin processing all the amazing photos I’ve taken over the last few days. (Not to mention catching up with my 365!!)

This really has been a dream come true, and here’s a couple of photos to prove it. airboatsmturtleheadsm

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