Shutterday Photo Meme: NYC

Inspiration: I don’t live here but I wish I did.


Taken with my old point-and-shoot Vivitar in NY’s Central Park. I’ve been going over those old NYC photos today and missing the Big Apple a lot, although I’ve never lived there.

Because the subject matter of my NY photos – being mostly street photography – is interesting I’ve been playing with them, trying to compensate for their poor quality. The results have been quite surprising. Many of the photos have an unintentionally gritty look to them which in retrospect represents NYC very honestly. One of the things I was very aware of in NY is how grimy much of the city is, especially in summer. The constant throng of sticky, sweaty humans together with the worn and aged buildings, streets, subways and buses, is a far cry from Vancouver where nothing is much older than a century. As much as I loved the city I was constantly aware of how dirty my hands felt.

All in all, I’m even happier with the photos today than I was when I took them almost 2 years ago; I suspect that isn’t an unusual response among photographers. I may not have gone out intentionally to get the effect I’ve achieved but I’ll happily accept the results. I’m sure many memorable shots are taken quite by accident or maybe more accurately, providence.

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