A Pixie Blog Is Born!

A very good friend of mine has started her own 365 photoblog just in time to see the new year roll in, and I’m really excited about it. She has a different eye from mine and I look forward to learning from her. I especially look forward to the upcoming photos as she heads back to her native land-down-under for a visit.

What I like about the 365 project is that it lends itself to capturing the more mundane moments of life. After all every day isn’t a scenic day where you find yourself on a cliff overlooking an alpine meadow, or on the bow of a ship as dolphins frolic in the waves. Some days you just have to point the camera at that unmade bed, or search the house just before bedtime for something commonplace to turn into an interesting visual. Sometimes you have to drag yourself out of the house one more time when you’d rather just forget about it because you didn’t carry your camera with you that day.

Those are the days when you have to reach and push for the shot, and most of the time those are the days where you surprise yourself. Trust me, in the past I never would’ve dreamt of asking my brother if I could take a photo as the nurse drew blood for his regular bloodwork, but it captures my brother’s medically complicated existence in a way nothing else could. I had to overcome some built-in social barriers to get some of my 365s, and many of my favourite shots come from those moments.

You can go online any day, google the word Australia, and come up with amazing scenic shots of the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock. By their very nature 365‘s tend to be more unique than that, and I know we’ll get an interesting glimpse into her travels that will reflect more than just the scenery of that country. (Yes, Ms. Pixie, that was a challenge!!)

All in all the 365 has been an invaluable tool for me, and I look forward to seeing what The Pixie does with hers!! Happy New Year!!

2 thoughts on “A Pixie Blog Is Born!

  1. Given the nature of this trip, no shots of the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock, I’m afraid. There might be some interesting Sydney/Melbourne/Hume Highway/Outback pics, though!

    Also, guess who has lost the light again today. (sigh) I hate these shorter days…

    Thanks for the plug and support, sweetie! (hugs)

  2. LOL Sorry about the light, that happens a lot this time of year; if you aren’t heading out about noon you’re taking a risk!! Longer days to come.

    Photos of the outback sound exciting, but as I said it’s really what you can do with the mundane that makes this project interesting, I think. (hugs)

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