Little Powershot’s First Outing

Took my new little point-and-shoot out for a walk today. I wanted to get a handle on its abilities and features.

At first I was a bit frustrated. It wasn’t very cooperative and didn’t seem to want to focus. I did some trial-and-error button-pushing and finally figured out its macro settings and white balance options and eventually came back with some good shots.

I spent about 2 hours going through the instruction manual, page by page, which isn’t like me. (Yes, I’ll admit I like to discover things the hard way sometimes.) I went through all the features and even set up a custom white balance setting, which I now plan to try to do with little shot‘s big brother.

I’m pleased with the flexibility of this point-and-shoot. It’ll allow me to continue to explore using my own settings to get the effects I’m looking for and won’t be as limiting as I feared it might be after having my Rebel to play with.

Here’s a few of today’s shots.





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