My Newest Canon

About 2 months ago I realized that I’d never made any attempts to redeem my shopping points at one of the big drugstore chains here in town. I’d carried their member card around for a long time and dutifully pulled it out when I shopped there, but never figured it amounted to much of anything. Curious, I checked it out and found out I had $75 worth of shopping credit coming to me.

My first thought was that all major drugstores carry photography stuff and I’ve been craving a new higher megapixel point-and-shoot as a back-up for when I don’t have my big baby Rebel with me. I wanted something that had decent snap-shot capability and movie-mode, since the Rebel doesn’t do movies. I wanted a Canon if possible, and something small that I could carry in my pocket and always have at hand.

R. and I were at the drugstore in question today and I finally decided I’d check it out. I wasn’t sure what they’d have in stock, or for what price, but I was hopeful. R. rolled his eyes at the fact that here we were, a year later, and I was still lusting after cameras. He’d survived the obsessive months of 2007 when I’d pined for a DSLR to call my own. I’m sure he felt great trepidation that he would have to live through it all over again.

But, it was all meant to be. I walked out of there $30 poorer with a beautiful 7megapixel Canon Powershot A470 in my covetous little hands; Not a bad way to spend $30.

The video quality on my new Canon is quite impressive and I’m looking forward to being able to take some live footage of our upcoming Florida trip. (My Christmas and birthday present from R.!) R. has promised me an airboat ride over the everglades, which has been a lifelong dream of mine; and now I’ll be able to capture it on “film” in both live and still action. Watch out alligators!!

I’m a happy little photographer right now.

Here’s my big baby’s loving portraits of his new kid sister. I just know they’re going to get along famously.

(PS: That’s R. valiantly ignoring the fact that I couldn’t wait 5 minutes after leaving the store to start clicking away at him…Thanks R. for your patience!)


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