Passion in Photography

My new photo-toy arrived yesterday, and I’m quite excited to explore the possibilities. Sadly it’s a very wet, dreary day and going out is not likely to happen today.

I went to the Photojojo forum to see if there were any discussions going on about the angle-scope, and came across an interesting thread about people’s photography passions.

I’m not sure I’ve found my photo passion quite yet, I’m still exploring all aspects. However I’ve been drawn to doing some gritty urban stuff, just a bit chicken about getting in the faces of people who live on the streets. I’m hoping my new angle-scope will help me get some of the shots I want.

I really feel I need to continue to develop my definition of beauty; it’s easy to take beautiful photos of flowers, landscapes and children. I want to be one of those amazing photographers who can take beautiful pictures of the harsh side of life.

In terms of portraiture I need to spend more time exploring photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz (Bette Midler photo) and Herb Ritts. Any photographer, like Ritts, who can throw an octopus on someone’s head and come away with such an unforgettably gorgeous photo definitely has something to teach!

When it comes to beautiful gritty images like this one from Farah Nosh (Duyar Sai Fehan) of course Time magazine and National Geographic really stand out as being responsible for bringing this type of esthetic to North America. Our culture is very focused on sterile and perfect. Pretty is not the same as beautiful; I’m coming to really understand that though photography.

At any rate, now that I have my angle-scope, I guess we’ll see what I can come up with.


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