Yes, I’m A Fan…

I looked on with great satisfaction as Obama was elected president of the United States last Tuesday; my camera snapped up image after image off the t.v. set, as I felt the goosebumps shiver down my back.

The sight of people crying in Harlem, the glow of the university students who, for a few grand moments, didn’t look so cynical.

I’ve been known to rail about the fact that the United States has such an impact on Canada, and that – since we can’t seem to avoid it – we should get to vote in their election. This time I feel that Canada almost did get to vote.

Obama has been officially invited to the Olympic Winter Games here in Vancouver, BC, by our Premier, and for once I find myself actually hoping a U.S. president does make the trip here.

One of my favourite photos captured off the television coverage and manipulated shows Michelle Obama in a warm moment of joy and affection; I love the look on her face, so loving, so proud. I have a feeling she’ll have the same impact on history that Jackie O did. She’s an amazing woman in her own right, and I’m excited to see what the next four years brings.


American citizens have something to be proud of in voting for Obama, and not because he African-American – which should be an non-issue, seriously – I think they should be proud that they stood up in such an overwhelming way for change, and proved that they could put aside their cynicism and fear and reach for a more idealistic future. Utopia may be impossible to achieve, but shouldn’t every nation seek to be the best it can be?

Now, let’s hope they take this opportunity to heal some of the awful wounds they’ve suffered, and that much of the rest of the world has had to suffer with them.

A good first step would be for them to get over the tragic and disgusting homophobia and religious zeal that stands in their way of granting same sex marriage rights to their citizens. It’s time they looked around and saw that many other nations have moved past that issue, and they should follow suit.

But, I’ll say no more about that…for the moment. I’d like to enjoy the feel-good this election has brought me and try not to let the situation in California throw too heavy a cloud over things.

Congratulations, America, for giving yourselves a chance to get back on track, and good luck to you and your lovely first family.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m A Fan…

  1. I love the way you explain Michelle’s expression, makes me wants to look even closer. I wish I got the tallent too *sigh*

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