Taking Another Step…

So, I finally got up the courage to ask the friendly breakfast diner owner down the street from me whether he would consider having some of my photos featured in the diner.

I’ve been doing Sunday brunch there fairly regularly for the last 5 years and he has always been a wonderfully approachable soul. I’ve been noticing for a long time that the photos he has up have been there for the longest time and figured he must be ready for a change.

I’d be able to post my cards and contact information and a price. Realistically I know it’s unlikely I’ll sell anything. I mean, really, how many people buy their art off a diner wall? But where’s the harm? Whether I sell a thing or not I still have the enjoyment of seeing my work up, and shared the way it is meant to be.

I find that, like my writing, my art feels less satisfying to me if it’s not shared. Art is communication and communication is a shared process after all.

Do I feel my stuff is ready to be viewed?


Naturally I have a long way to go and a lot of the art form of pure photography is beyond my immediate talents at the moment. I’ve only been behind the lens for a few short years. It took me 20 or more to refine my writing talent into a well-polished ability. No reason to think I can learn photography overnight.

And what would be the fun in that, anyway?

That said, I have many pieces I’d be proud to hang in any gallery and no lack of art school degree is going to stop me.

I’d like to focus on my Vancouver pieces, most of which are not up on my websites. Maybe they’ll appeal to the tourists who visit the diner, and someone will have an urge to take home a souvenir?

I can dream, can’t I?

Bottom line is, I was brave enough to ask, and he seemed very pleased to have me bring them by on Thursday when things are slow. It’s a big step and it feels awfully good.

Stayed tuned!


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