First Gallery Showing…Of A Sorts.

T. used the photo I took for him as part of a poster challenge for his work-place and entered it in gallery showing of staff works at his hotel’s art gallery. The photo was credited to me, of course.

So, offficially, I suppose, I have just had my first official gallery opening. There was wine, and food, and people hobnobbing…There was lots of interesting art, and there, on the wall, was my photo, and my name.

It was a nice experience to have…but…what it truly made me want to do was to go home, take one of the photos I’m really proud of, and throw it up on the wall. I wanted to be able to say: This doesn’t really reflect what I can, and long, to do.

I’ve become more interested lately in using my photos as simply the first step in the artistic process. I’m starting to envision my images printed on canvas, linen, or banners as a base to work from, not as an end in themselves.

I want to add paint, flowers, text…whatever comes to mind when the image is in front of me. I want to play with textures and impressions, and create something truly original. In no way does this mean my passion for photography is waning. There’s no doubt in my mind that I need the photographic images as inspiration, as a base to build upon.

Still, this is an unexpected direction for me; I really thought pure photography was my medium.

Now I’m beginning to wonder…

Meanwhile, here is a link to T. and I in front of our installation. The letters in the photo were also hung above the door near the photo, but you can’t see them in the photo sohere’s a photo of the gallery itself, with letters.


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