Head Above Water

Well, just got back my first set of exams. I didn’t do as well on the first one as I’d like, bringing in about 81%. I know it was mainly because I misinterpreted a diagram. I should have had those 5 points easily! Oh well, no point getting upset at myself, now I know better in case it turns up in mid-terms, which is likely.

On the second exam – consisting mainly of math no less – I scored 63/64, netting myself a very nice 98%. That’s a big relief. I’m now starting to relax about that area of the course, because I got past this hurdle so now I know I can tackle any of the other math that comes along.

(Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, anyway!)

I’ve also been taking my camera into the lab and having fun photographing some of the elements of the lab, as well as some of the lovely fresh young faces I spend my school days with. They’re starting to like the idea of being models, and my instructor has been putting the photos up on the class’ shared webpage so we can all enjoy them.

It feels good to be able to bring my passion for photography into this area of my life and I plan to do more.

If you check out my 365 blog you’ll see some of the photos that have been inspired by my time spent in the lab.

Meanwhile enjoy these little efforts at creating composition:


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