Next Up – College!

Got offered a seat in the Optical Dispensing program I applied for last January. Kind of a last minute thing, since classes start this Tuesday and I was only notified last Tuesday. Well, that’s what being on the waiting list is all about. Hurry up and wait, and then hurry up even more.

Spent a day out at the campus getting some loose ends tied up but there are a few more loose ends to go.

I have a feeling it’s going to be tough to do much blogging during the next few weeks, although, it’s also possible that I’ll be energized by the experience and be blogging more often.

I guess we’ll see.

Nice to have some organized plans in place, even if they aren’t the most finalized of plans. My registration will be delayed while paperowrk is processed, so, while I’m attending classes for the next weeks I won’t offically be registered.

What’s the saying? Neither fish nor foul…nor good red meat

Looking forward to having all the technical ducks in a row. I do realize that public colleges are huge paper mill and red tape factories, not to mention I’m dealing with the RCMP for a record check – all health science programs require one – and the B.C. Government for a student loan.

Can you say, “Oh look at that lady, she’s all wrapped up in red tape…how interesting!”?

I just have to stay calm…something Richard helps with, a lot.

Mantra: It’ll all work out. It’ll all work out…

How? I have no idea. It’s a mystery.

(To quote the movie Shakespeare In Love.)


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