My First Telephoto Lens…

Woohoo, I just purchased my first lens. A Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro.

My co-workers gave me a gift certificate as a going away gift so that I could start my lens collection, and I’m pretty happy with the choice I made.

I’ve been reading up on the pros and cons of zoom lens over prime, and while I do see the advantages of primes I feel that for practicality I’ll go with zoom options for now. I just don’t have the money to invest in primes, nor the knowledge to utilize them effectively. I also lack the ability to cart around large amounts of equipment.

I can already tell that by using primes I’d learn a lot about the technical side of photography, since just switching between my basic kit lens and the new Sigma has clarified a few things for me about SLR photography.

This purchase comes at a great time. I’m just starting to explore candid street photography and having a telephoto allows me to remain less conspicuous while capturing my subject.

I also can’t get over how much I feel like a true photographer walking around with that long lens and its companion lens-hood. It looks so impressive; I even found people pausing to let me take photos, as opposed to walking right into my frame. I suppose a serious SLR camera just gets a little more respect!

I can handle that.

I’m eager to take it out for a third run. I bought it Saturday and have already taken it out twice. I’ve taken close to a thousand photos already!

Enjoy these two captures…courtesy of my new Sigma. The first is not the best technical photo by any means, but it shows a growing ability to capture mood and movement, something I’m now working on. The crystal ball is one my favourite photos. It displays an increased eye for detail, I wouldn’t have noticed the reflection in the ball 6 months ago.



4 thoughts on “My First Telephoto Lens…

  1. My sigma works like a charm although I still haven’t mastered the art of getting truly sharp photos with it. I think I need to use my tripod more. LOL

    If you look at my sidebar there is a link to my flicker archives. Thanks for being interested enough to ask. 🙂

  2. Hi Cindi…

    Lovely Flickr photo-stream you have there!

    I recently bought a Canon 1000D and was looking to complement it with a telephoto!

    Of the many options, some that I considered were: the Canon 70-300 USM, 55-250 IS and the Sigma/Tamron 70-300 Macro (1:2)

    As you might notice, I considered a USM or an IS or Macro… which would you choose? I’m more inclined towards getting the IS lens since in tele, the IS might just be my biggest friend! 🙂

  3. I’m very happy with my Sigma, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it; I wouldn’t be without a telephoto now that I have one. However, based on my limited experience I think you ave a point about the IS factor. I suspect the softness of my telephoto shots is because I don’t have IS. For me it was a cost factor but if cost isn;t an issue I imagine going IS in a lens is always a good idea when the camera doesn’t have it. (My rebel doesn’t.)

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