Well, I have a job interview on Thursday. The optometrist who’s looking to train someone as a visual therapist has talked me into going out to talk to her.

The money seems reasonable, the job interesting. I have no doubt I’d be good at it, with all my experience with special needs kids and their families. Part of me likes the idea of working for at least another year; financially, anyway.

I could put more money aside, even take a photography course in the meantime.

My math test results stand for 5 years before I’d be required to write that again. I could probably take the necessary communications courses online as well, so when I did eventually go back for an optician degree I’d have less of a course load and could maybe even continue working part-time as a visual therapist. I don’t think they’re offered as online/distance education by Douglas College at this time, but I believe one can take those kinds of general courses through any college and transfer the credits.

I’d have a year in the field to be sure that I actually do want to become an optician before investing all that time and money, and it would be a definite benefit to have this experience when the time came to take the course.

It all sounds very practical.

However, part of me is extremely fired up about the idea of going back to college. I really love learning, and the whole school experience. I want to walk the campus with my books in hand and feel the energy rush of being surrounded by people who are excited about their future. People who still believe they can achieve their dreams.

In the day to day work grind so many of us lose that enthusiasm and become jaded and lazy. We stop believing in dreams; stop making goals for our selves. Trust me, I see glimmers of it in myself, and that’s how I know my time to move on is long overdue.

I don’t know what the future will hold, and the job interview may prove to be a dead end…but it’s nice to know there are options. I was certainly having my moments of doubt over the last two years.

Stay Tuned!

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