Photos From The Aquarium

Had a chance about a week ago to take some photos at The Vancouver Aquarium with my new Canon Rebel XT.

Although I’m still a novice with the camera, and haven’t conquered the custom settings yet, I’m thrilled with the photos it took on the automatic settings.

I was also impressed with the zoom results; was able to get some real nice shots of the trainers, and their interactions, as well as some close-ups of the sea lions otters, and dolphins. All this with a mid-range lens. I can’t wait to see what I can do when I can finally afford a good telephoto!

The speed of the camera is very satisfying, as well. Capturing dolphins in mid-air has been a dream of mine since my first visits to the aquarium as a child. And I’m thrilled with what I’ve gotten so far. R. had to put up with me squealing to come and see every few moments, but he did seem to enjoy them. He takes a lot of interest in my photography, and has even helped me out on occasion. Maybe he’ll get the camera bug eventually?

I’m looking forward to going again and seeing what else I can capture.

Meanwhile you can click here to see some of the results.


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